next to vaalpark, just off the r59 in naledi industrial park. easily accessible from vereeniging, vaalpark, sasolburg, vanderbijlpark, parys & meyerton


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self storage

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Security & Maintenance

We know that you care for your property and that you want it well protected. CopperGlow Self Storage, Sasolburg have been in existence since 2004, thus the teething problems have long been resolved. Our self storage units are secure, well built and we make sure that we do regular maintenance on the self storage units to prevent any deterioration that could damage the items you keep at our self storage facility. 

Metal roll-up doors

The doors are metal roll-up doors, forming a strong and secure barrier against access to your belongings.

Brick walls

Brick walls offer far better protection than corrugated iron walls, they are more weatherproof and provide more resistance and protection against extreme temperatures.

Security systems

We do not want to give away the operation of our security systems but you can rest assured, as we have a variety of deterrents which include 24 hour armed response, an electric perimeter fence, movement sensors, flood lights, alarms and restricted access times. All of these measures combine to allow for a level of protection that should deter any attempt at a break- in.

Hours of access

  • Our access times have been set to allow for access from early to late.
  • Units can be accessed between the hours of 06:00 and 18:00, seven days a week.
  • We are closed on Christmas and New Year’s, if we need to close on any other public holidays we will inform you well in advance.



Make sure that you select a sturdy padlock that cannot easily be broken, yet it should not be so strong that you cannot get the lock opened if the keys have been misplaced. Here are a few tips:

  • Long shackle padlock: these are the traditional padlocks we all know. Most come in shackles made of hardened material, making them virtually impossible to cut with an ordinary hacksaw. This is the best choice but make sure that you select one with a shackle thickness of not more than 10mm but not less than 5.
  • Closed shackle padlocks: The shackle recedes into the padlock, offering more protection against hacksaws or bolt cutters. Troublesome to open if the keys are lost so be careful of where you store the keys.
  • Straight shackle padlock: These have straight shackles spanning a gap in the padlock body. They are the most secure type but extremely difficult to open in the event of keys having been lost. If you select this type, know that you may damage the door locking mechanism if the keys are misplaced and you will be liable for such damage.
  • Discus, round shackle of circulate padlocks: a highly popular choice as the shackle is curved and goes around the padlock body. Cheaper models are not as good as the original designs but they offer good protection.