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Why Self Storage?

Living space is expensive and modern homes and businesses cannot afford to use their living and operational space for storage. Using self storage for additional space can cut down on how often you end up relocating extra furniture, providing convenience and peace of mind.

Household storage:

  • Protect your holiday trailer, motorcycle, small watercraft, quad or small caravan from the elements by storing it in a storage unit. This way it will also free up valuable real estate at your home!
  • Free up space cluttered by unused goods stored in your garage, spare room, study and cupboards. 
  • In summer, place your oil, electric and gas heaters, electric blankets and even your winter clothing in storage.
  • In winter, store you lawnmower, edge cutter, swimwear, pool toys and poolside deck chairs and when summer arrives, they will still be in good shape.
  • Between annual holidays, store all your beach umbrellas, camping chairs, portable braai, surfboards, tent, gazebo, beach toys and fishing tackle.
  • Store your unused second set of golf clubs, the kids’ old bicycles, cricket sets, rugby and soccer balls and hockey sticks.

Moving or refurbishing:

  • Rid your house of clutter when it is on show and make it look roomier. Place the clutter in storage and move it to your new home after the move.
  • If you are building a house or renovating your existing property, do not live in your lounge with the furniture from the rest of the house. Keep the most important items and place the rest in storage until all the dust has settled, the floors have been re-done and painting completed. This way you have less clutter, less moving around of furniture and less damage from handling, dust and paint to your valuables.
  • If you have to rent temporarily whilst the building of your new house is underway, store your furniture safely until you are ready to move it into your new home.

Surplus furniture and white goods:

Don’t sell it! Maybe you will have a holiday home soon or maybe the kids will be moving into their own places in the next few months or years. Your old oak furniture that had to make way for the new dark wood items, the extra freezer, old washing machine, old vacuum cleaner, etc. may be just what you need a few months or years down the line. Having your own rented storage space allows you to keep it until it is needed again. Remember, buying new is much more expensive and second hand goods do not fetch good prices.

Is your car sleeping outside?

Many people have so many goods in their garages that they have to build carports or put up shade cloth structures to give their expensive cars some protection against the elements. Rather store the goods in your garage and give your car back its garage and its security.

Is your old hobby taking up space?

Hobbies are expensive to start and maintain. If your hobby is no longer practiced and the goods are cluttering your home, place it in storage until you feel like taking it up again or until you find someone you can sell it to or pass it on to.

Treadmill, exercise cycle, gym?

These are very expensive items and most people who get rid of theirs do so because the goods are taking up too much space. Store them, their second hand value is not worth selling them and perhaps you feel like using it again a year from now (many people do, then they have to buy again!).

Vintage bike or car in your garage?

Park it in your storage unit and take it out when you want to use it or show it to someone. It will be safe, you will still have regular access to it and you will free up the space in your home.

Pet cages, beds and equipment

Polly flew away? Store her cage, she may just return. Fish tank but no more fish? Store it, you or someone you know may want to take it up again. Has the horse bolted? Keep the saddle, there may be another horse in your future.

Business storage


Important records often need to be stored off-site to prevent accidental destruction or sabotage. Store it and prevent the headaches of having to recreate events or important information from memory.

Legislation requires certain records such as tax records, FICA documentation and bank records to be retained for long periods (sometimes for a lifetime). If you store it the records will still be accessible but it will be controlled access and it will free up office space. In addition, it cannot be tampered with if the employees do not have access to the storage unit.


Bought extra goods at a bargain but no space to keep it? Place surplus stock or raw material in storage and take it out as it is needed. Goods will be safe and you can control the goods in batches, thereby improving control and preventing pilferage or damage.

Company vehicles

Where do you keep company cars over weekends or when regular drives are on leave? Protect these assets by storing them securely until needed again.

Unused furniture

How many times did you sell or throw out a filing cabinet, just to buy another a few months later? Store the unused furniture until you know that you no longer need them or until you have found a buyer for it.

Self Storage Unit sizes - What will fit?