An Electronic Funds Transfer is a payment you initiate via your bank's internet banking service. This is safe but you must make sure you enter the correct details in the beneficiary bank and account fields as these payments are guaranteed to the beneficiary and cannot be recalled. You cannot set regular payments, so you have to do this every month.

Bank Deposit

Bank deposits require you to pay cash into the beneficiary's account at a bank teller. This method is expensive and only accepted upon special arrangement. If cash is deposited, there will be cash handling fees levied by the bank. Kindly note that cash deposit fees are for the account of the depositor and not the beneficiary.

Scheduled Payment

A scheduled payment can be set up on your internet banking profile to effect your rental payment monthly on a date chosen by you. You remain in full control as you can alter or cancel the payment amount at will. If you cannot set this up yourself, talk to your banker.