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self storage

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Unit Sizes

3m x 4m (12 m2)

Twelve square meters storage unit, long enough for a motorcycle but not for a car. For furniture, you can store a normal sized lounge suite (3-seater couch, two-seater couch and chair) with a set of 3 coffee tables comfortably in the unit. A queen size bed, headboard, side tables and a dresser will also fit in, or an extendable dining room table with 8 chairs and a buffet. 

3m x 5m (15 m2)

Fifteen square meters  storage unit.  For furniture, you can store furniture from two rooms comfortably (bed and bedroom suite, lounge suite, coffee tables, lamps and a few boxes). A vehicle, a Toyota Corolla will fit in (a Corolla is 4.55 meters long). Width is not a problem for a Corolla as the unit is 3m wide and a Corolla's width is 1.76m.

3m x 6m (18 m2)

Eighteen square meters, the size of a normal single car garage.  Will fit contents of 3 bedroom house or flat, small car, boxes etc. 

3m x 7m (21 m2)

Twenty one square metres, suitable for boat, caravan, car, contents of 4 bedroom house or retail overflow. Large units that can take a lot if carefully packed. 


Is a deposit payable?

Is a deposit payable? Yes.  We require the equivalent of one month's rental as a deposit before your storage unit can be confirmed.

What is the notice period?

What is the notice period? We require one calendar month notice and the unit must be vacated by 18:00 on the last day of the month.

What if I don't pay?

What if I do not pay? If your rent is not paid at close of business on the 7th calendar day, your account will be in arrears.  Access to your self storage unit will be refused and a R150.00 administration charge will be levied on your account.  If payment is not received by the 15th, the self storage unit must be vacated before the end of the month. Can my goods be sold? Only if we are unable to contact you and your account is in arrears by more than one month.  Please make sure that we have your latest contact details so that we can make arrangements to bring your account up-to-date.  Signing a debit order and making sure that there is enough funds in your account to meet the debit, will prevent this. Will my property be insured? You are responsible for ensuring that you have insurance cover for the goods in self storage as the service provider does not carry any liability for goods in storage. What other contract terms apply? Contracts are available from the site office or you can request a copy here. Can I be dispossessed of my goods? The US-made TV program "Storage Wars" has people concerned that their goods may be auctioned off unknowingly.  Rest assured:  CopperGlow Self Storage, Sasolburg is in the storage rental business and we are not interested in taking over your possessions. Only if your account falls into arrears, and we are unable to contact you or to get hold of you to move your goods out of the storage facility, will we consider removal of your goods from your self storage unit in order to rent the storage space to someone else. Therefore, to protect yourself, make sure that: Your account stays up-to-date, and We always have your latest contact details.  If you do run into difficulties, talk to us; we have a few options that we can discuss such as trying to find you a smaller (and thus cheaper) storage unit, helping you to sell surplus or unneeded goods or recommending that you make available your s..

What other contract terms apply?

What other contract terms apply? Contracts are available from the site office or you can request a copy from

Payment Options

Bank Deposit

Bank Deposit Bank deposits require you to pay cash into the beneficiary's account at a bank teller. This method is expensive and only accepted upon special arrangement. The funds will be subjected to a clearance period if cheques are used and therefore the payment is not guaranteed to the beneficiary. Charges for unpaid cheques may also be levied by the bank and this will be charged to the rental account. If cash is deposited, there will be cash handling fees levied by the bank. Kindly note that cash deposit fees are for the account of the depositor and not the beneficiary.

Stop Order

Stop Order A stop order is where you ask your bank to pay a beneficiary a specific amount on a regular basis. Some internet banking facilities allow setting up these instructions. They are automated and they work well but make sure you change the value being transferred when the annual increase in the rent becomes effective.


EFT An Electronic Funds Transfer is a payment you initiate via your bank's internet banking service. This is safe but you must make sure you enter the correct details in the beneficiary bank and account fields as these payments are guaranteed to the beneficiary and cannot be recalled. You cannot set regular payments, so you have to do this every month.

Why Self Storage?

Living space is expensive and modern homes and businesses cannot afford to use their living and operational space for storage. Using self storage for additional space can cut down on how often you end up relocating extra furniture, providing convenience and peace of mind.

Security & Maintenance

We know that you care for your property and that you want it well protected. CopperGlow Self Storage, Sasolburg have been in existence since 2004, thus the teething problems have long been resolved. Our self storage units are secure, well built and we make sure that we do regular maintenance on the self storage units to prevent any deterioration that could damage the items you keep at our self storage facility. 

What you Get

We want our customers to rest assured, knowing that their property is secure. Our self storage units are clean with solid brick walls, concrete floors and steel doors. Doors are secured with one or two locks - you use your own locks and keys or you can buy it from the office. CopperGlow Self Storage rental periods vary from one month to as long as you need the storage facility.

Prohibited Items

No one wants their property or person endangered. Therefore, we have to prevent storage of certain goods as they are prohibited by our insurers and they may endanger the property or health of our customers and staff. Since we do not know what you have in storage, the prohibited items are noted on the contracts our clients enter into.

Self Storage Tips

  • Planning

    Confirm unit date & time availability.

  • Preparing

    When you pack use uniform size boxes.

  • Storing

    Keep your keys in a safe place.