Estimating how much space you will need for your storage items can be simple if you know what you want to store.

We have a variety of unit sizes to meet your needs and save you money. Rent is payable monthly in advance. A deposit equal to one month's rental is payable before a unit can be allocated. One calendar month notice is required for terminating the rental agreement. Our prices are highly competitive and therefore we do not publish it online. Please use our storage enquiry form to enquire about the availability of a specific storage unit size that you might be interested in.

3m x 4m (12 sqm)

Twelve square meters, long enough for a motorcycle but not for a car. For furniture, you can store a normal-sized lounge suite (3-seater couch, two-seater couch and chair) with a set of 3 coffee tables comfortably in the unit. A queen-size bed, headboard, side tables and a dresser will also fit in, or an extendable dining room table with 8 chairs and a buffet.

3m x 5m (15 sqm)

Fifteen square meters. A Toyota Corolla will fit in (a Corolla is 4.55 meters long). Width is not a problem for a Corolla as the unit is 3m wide and a Corolla's width is 1.76m. For furniture, you can store furniture from two rooms comfortably (bed and bedroom suite, lounge suite, coffee tables, lamps and a few boxes).

3m x 6m (18 sqm)

Eighteen square meters, the size of a normal single car garage. Will fit contents of 3 bedroom house or flat, small car, boxes etc. 

3m x 7m (21 sqm)

Twenty-one square metres, suitable for boat, caravan, car, contents of 4 bedroom house or retail overflow. Large units that can take a lot if carefully packed.