When you pack use uniform size boxes. Do not over-fill boxes to the extent that you end up with bulging tops, if you stack the boxes they may topple over. Seal the boxes with buff or clear tape, covering all the edges and seams. Make sure the bottoms of boxes are firm, secure and that it can handle the weight of the contents. Label boxes, mark them clearly if they contain fragile goods, mark to show which side is up and tape the boxes.

Clothing and curtains:

These items should not be kept on hangers and are best stored flat. Use vacuum bags to remove excess air, this prevents mould and it saves on storage space. For long term storage, add some mothballs to the boxes containing linen.

Fridges, freezers and microwave ovens:

Make sure they are clean to prevent mould or rust.

Books and magazines:

Lay flat to protect damage to spines.

Mirrors, pictures, paintings and framed diplomas / degrees / certificates:

Get some corner protectors and plastic shrink wrap (e.g. Glad wrap) to cover your pictures and paintings


These can be stored on shelving but prior written approval is needed to secure shelves to walls. Use sturdy storage bins and store documents flat to prevent warping.

Old family photos, films, slides, and videos:

Remember that these are often irreplaceable and therefore very valuable. Take special care when you prepare such items for storage.

Battery-operated toys, radios, etc.:

Do not store battery-operated electrical goods with their batteries installed. For long-term storage, discard your batteries and purchase batteries new after storage to prevent damage due to acid leakage.

Cars, boats, motorcycles, jet-skis, lawnmowers, etc.:

Batteries should be disconnected (car alarms do sometimes go off in storage). If a Tracker or similar device is fitted, notify the company that the vehicle’s battery will be disconnected and that the tracking device will become inoperative as soon as its battery runs flat.

If you plan to store these items for extended periods, drain the fuel to prevent leakage and to guard against fire hazard (fuel and oil may not be stored as these are flammable materials).